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Foreigners working regulations in China


(1) Working regulations


Expect for government workers or companies supervised by government, there is no clear regulation that prohibited foreigners to work in China. According to foreigners working regulation, in the case of employing foreigners, it should be special necessity and there is not suitable Chinese person with capacity. In general, it is not recognized to employ foreigners just for physical labor without special technique. For foreign investment companies, it is easier to employ foreign workers than other domestic companies.


(2) Proportion of employment


In principle, there is no limit proportion for foreign directors and managers in foreign investment companies. And there is also no limit proportion for foreign technician and experts. However, it is limited to employ physical labor for 10% of total employers.


(3) Business permission and Business certification


For foreign investment companies, it is required to acquire Business permission and certification from Labor Office in order to employ foreign workers. And it is only valid in the area, which issues the certifications.


(4) Social insurance


From 15th Oct. 2011, companies should pay basic social insurances for foreign workers.


2.Business visa in China


(1) Business visa:


It is necessary to acquire business visa for foreigners who work in China. In general, business visa means Z visa. And the kinds of visas change from eight to twelve.


(2) Valid period:


Z visa is usually valid for one year and it is recognized to entry into China for any times during one year. The days needed to update the visa was five workdays but from 1st July, 2013 it is changed to 15 workdays.


(3) Procedure of application


The application of visa should be submitted to China Ambassador. The necessary documents are Foreigner Working Permission issued by Labor Office, Notification of Visa Issue Permission and Passport. The foreigner who has acquired Working Permission must do the procedure of visa to Police Office.


❶ To acquire Foreigner Working Permission (about five days)


Application Office: Foreigner Working Office


Documents: Application, Resume (Chinese), Certification, Passport (copy), Offer, Certification of Establish Permission, Business Permission, Code Certification.


❷ To acquire Notification of Visa Issue Permission (above one day)


Application Office: International Economic Commerce Office


Documents: Application, Notification of Visa Issue Permission, Resume (Chinese), Certification (copy), Passport (copy), Certification of Establish Permission, Business Permission, Code Certification, Introduction (sign of company)


❸ To acquire visa


Application Office: China Ambassador


Documents: Application, Foreigner Working Permission, Notification of Visa Issue Permission, Passport, Physical Check (copy and original), Picture.


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