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Internal Audit

Support of global internal audit


In order to practice internal audit of overseas subsidiaries effectively, it is necessary to enhance the basis of internal audit. Especially, there are some differences of languages, legal systems and business customs, so it is difficult to conduct internal audit effectively as usual. The key to grow continuously is to keep management effectively and adapt to the market with regional strategies.


We will provide necessary resources to make internal audit more effectively by making use of our global network.


Management of internal audit


Managers of companies begin changing the expectations to internal audit. Hence, the function of internal audit changes from keep of value of companies to increase the value. And the management of internal audit is more and more important.


We will provide necessary resources to management of internal audit that can satisfy the demands of managers.


Outsourcing of internal audit


In order to realize the function of internal audit effectively, we will provide the services as follows.


  • Advisory of conduct of internal audit
  • Advisory and co-sourcing services of risk evaluation and making internal audit plan
  • Advisory and co-sourcing service of audit procedure
  • Co-sourcing of internal audit


External Evaluation and Internal Evaluation


Facing the changes of business environment, internal audit need evaluate quality of their own activities. Confirmation of functions and report of results are required by managers. The following are three requirements of Internal Audit Association.


  • Continuously monitoring
  • Regularly review
  • Review by the dependent evaluator outside organization (one time every 5 years)


Problems of Internal Audit in China


  • Complaints of risk management of business from head offices, local area and unified companies
  • Discord of framework and actual conditions
  • Risk response
  • Framework of management handbook


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